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Title: The GLAMers

DURATION: 2021–2023

PROGRAMME: Erasmus +

The GLAMers project is about youth engagement in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums during the COVID-19 crisis.

The cultural and creative sector was severely hit in Europe by the COVID-19 crisis. Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) are now facing the disruption of their relationship with their audiences. Yet, many young people followed remote digital activities organised by GLAMs to support them, demonstrating that they are ready to take an active role in the support of cultural and creative sector.

The GLAMers project aims to enhance GLAMs through youth involvement by providing uses cases emphasizing youth engagement as a means of GLAM recovery, create an open access collection of digital resources, map social change and disseminate the actions by events involving youth audiences.


Cyprus University of Technology (Coordinator)

Citizens in Power


The Museum of Arts and Crafts of Zagreb

Michael Culture

The GLAMers project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

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Publication “Practices of digitally mediated youth engagement in GLAMs during the pandemic”

At the crossroads of 3 main concepts, Youth, the pandemic and GLAMs, The GLAMers study aims to support the dialogue of Cultural Heritage institutions in their attempt to face COVID-19 related challenges by better engaging youth in their outreach activities. From September to December 2021, Web2Learn deploy 2 interactive sessions as an opportunity to support and advise European GLAMs in building better connections with audience, especially youth audience, during the pandemic. More info below

Full publication is available on The GLAMers website.

WEBINAR: Practices of digitally mediated youth engagement in GLAMs during the pandemic

29 September 2021 - 14:00 CET

Connecting with audiences remotely, especially young audiences, and interacting with them online has been a challenge for European cultural heritage organisations during the pandemic, in particular Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAMs). But the pandemic has also been an opportunity for GLAMs to think in new ways about young audiences, technology, and their own methods and strategies.

This 45-minute webinar will share insights and advice from The GLAMers, a EU-funded research project that analyzed over 90 pandemic-era GLAM initiatives in Europe. Featured GLAM professionals will share their own experiences developing digital youth initiatives, and the GLAMers team will share practical examples of easy-to-implement techniques for digital interaction with youth audiences. 

Read the full open-access GLAMers report “Practices of digitally mediated youth engagement in GLAMs during the pandemic” here.

Date and time of the event: September 29, 14h CET.

Register for webinar here.


Katerina Zourou, Ph.D, digitally enhanced learning expert and co-author of The GLAMers report; with invited GLAM experts. 


Michael Peter Edson, digital strategist, vice-chair of Europeana Advisory Board, and advisor to GLAMers project.

This webinar precedes a 3h workshop. The workshop is an activity of The GLAMers EU-funded project.

WORKSHOP: Youth audience engagement during COVID: digital ideas and methods from The GLAMers.

13 October - 14:00 CET

Based on The GLAMers, a EU-funded initiative that studied over 90 digital youth-engagement initiatives across Europe, this lively interactive 3-hour workshop will teach attendees how to implement a variety of digital audience-engagement techniques that have emerged within the GLAM and cultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees will learn:

- How to use easy, low-cost platforms for youth engagement

- How to develop and deliver tactile, hands-on activities to families and young learners through the web

- How to use “make, share, and show” techniques to reduce isolation and highlight the creativity of the crowd

- How to start a new digital initiative within your GLAM, and how use the pandemic crisis as an opportunity to stimulate internal change

Authors of the GLAMers study and experts from participating GLAM institutions will share their knowledge and insights through case studies and hands-on exercises. Examples will be featured from a wide spectrum of GLAM and cultural organizations throughout Europe, including both small and large institutions and those with varying degrees of digital maturity. 

This 3-hour immersive workshop will serve as an opportunity to reflect on practical implementation of audience engagement, especially of youth audiences, in this highly unpredictable context of the pandemic. 

Read the full open-access GLAMers publication here.

Date and time of the event: October 13, 14h CET

Register here.


Michael Peter Edson, digital strategist, vice-chair of Europeana Advisory Board, and advisor to The GLAMers project


Katerina Zourou, Ph.D, digitally enhanced learning expert, co-author of The GLAMers publication

This workshop is part of a series of events and workshops on digital youth engagement for the GLAMers project, starting with an introductory webinar on September 29.

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