Since its creation, Michael Culture has been involved in discussions and working groups on the place of culture and its values in the European debate and in particular the role of digitised heritage.

We believe that culture is a key pillar of an inclusive, green and sustainable Europe.

This commitment is reflected in:

- Participation in major European networks of professional advocacy and representation

- Publication of resources 

- Members of the MCA active in policy and advocacy fields

- Participation in national and European working groups

- Statements and policy briefs

- Networking activity

- Participation to European initiatives

- Publication of professional and policy recommendations in the framework of European cooperation and/or research projects

Michael Culture is a proud member of:

Culture Action Europe: Exec.Comm. member - 6 years (2 mandates) and currently contact point for the French Hub

European Heritage Alliance 2.0

Climate Heritage Network

Europeana Aggregators Forum (EAF)

Europeana Network Association (ENA)

ENCACT - Honorary member



MCA Joins Global Call to Put Culture at the Heart of Climate Action


Michael Culture Association is proud to announce its support for the 'Global Call to Action to Put Cultural Heritage, Arts, and Creative Sectors at the Heart of Climate Action.' We're excited to be part of this global movement spanning six continents. As we gear up for key events during COP28, join us in promoting this campaign and tagging your posts with #CultureAtCOP28.

Add your voice to he Global Call!

MCA Supports #CulturalDealEU: Advocating for Culture's Crucial Role

MCA proudly backs the #CulturalDealEU, urging EU leaders to allocate 2% of National Resilience and Recovery Plans to culture. This initiative champions culture's pivotal role in post-Covid recovery, pushing for inclusion in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the European Green Deal. #CulturalDealEU calls for robust support to cultural workers and diverse voices in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Join MCA in endorsing a cultural-centric future.


Civil Society State of the Union report - Public Launch on September 6th

The presentation of The Civil Society State of the Union report (CS SOTEU 2023) was a milestone moment, as we advocate for citizens' participation in EU democracy.
Months of dedicated effort culminated in this collaborative report, with key recommendations for a more democratic, socially just, and environmentally conscious European Union - MCA was part of the Digital Transition sub-group.

Read the report here!

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Commissioner-Designate for Culture Iliana Ivanova's Priorities.

Key Takeaways from the European Parliament Hearing
September 6 2023

A select group of European Parliament members gathered on September 5 for a pivotal evaluation of Iliana Ivanova, who has been nominated as the future EU Commissioner for culture, education, research, and innovation. This critical evaluation aimed to gauge her suitability to take over the portfolio previously held by Mariya Gabriel, who stepped down in May to assume the roles of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in Bulgaria.

Read the key highlights from the discussion: here

Michael Culture Association

MCA Write-up: Work Plan for Culture
January 2022

The Work Plan for culture is a cyclical multi-annual document by the Council of European Union aims to define the European Union's political priorities for the entire cultural sector.

Read MCA Write-up on the subject to discover what are its main objectives and who is behind the drafting of this important document!

MCA Write-up is a publishing series that aims to popularize EU Cultural policies.

READ MCA Write-up

Michael Culture Association

MCA Write-up: EU Digital Decade
January 2022

The European Commission's new plan to prepare the European Union for a digital future was unveiled at the turn of the new decade. The aim is to prepare institutions and citizens for a future in which digital will both support for a sustainable future and be a key to development.

Read MCA Write-up on the subject to discover what are its main objectives and what are going to be the implications for cultural heritage!

MCA Write-up is a publishing series that aims to popularize EU Cultural policies.

READ MCA Write-up

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The Council Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026 
 December 2022

Decision-making processes in the European Union are multiple and complex. Before arriving at concrete actions, plans need to be discussed between the different parties. European policies for culture are guided by several documents: one of the most important is the Work Plan for Culture. This cyclical multi-annual document by the Council of European Union aims to define the European Union's political priorities for the entire cultural sector.

Each Work Plan reflects the political condition of the Union and the main concerns of its member states. In this way, the Work Plan is established as a strategic and dynamic instrument of EU cultural cooperation.

Find here the current work plan which creates a roadmap for EU cultural policies for the period 2023-2026.



The New European Agenda for Culture
December 2022

The New European Agenda for Culture is a text that acknowledges the changes in the cultural sector and provides a framework for cultural cooperation at the EU level. At the end of 2022, the European Parliament adopted a resolution about the next Agenda for culture, waiting for the Commission to implement it.

This New Agenda is based on three strategic areas, with specific objectives corresponding to social, economic and external dimensions.
The social dimension aims to promote cultural diversity for social cohesion and well-being, the economic dimension aims to support culture-based creativity in education and innovation, and the external dimension aims to strengthen the EU’s international cultural relations.

Find here the text adopted by the European Parliament.

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December 2022

Trafficking in cultural goods is a lucrative business for organized crime, conflict parties, and terrorists, with a low risk of detection and a high potential for profit. This illegal activity can have a devastating impact on cultural heritage, especially in crisis and conflict zones.

On December 2022, EU commission adopted an action plan to address this transnational criminal phenomenon with four strategic objectives: improving prevention and detection, strengthening law enforcement and judicial capabilities, boosting international cooperation, and gaining support from key stakeholders to protect cultural goods from crime.

Find here the Action Plan adopted by the European Commission.

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Stakeholders’ survey on a European collaborative cloud for cultural heritage
January 2022

The EU commission gathered feedback from cultural heritage stakeholders on the European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage initiative. Over a thousand responses were received, and the report's findings will help the Commission provide targeted support to the cultural heritage sector's digital transition. The survey indicated a strong interest in a digital collaboration platform for cultural heritage, and it is the first step in building awareness and a network of stakeholders for the Cloud.

Find here the commission complete report on the survey.



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