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In this section you will find Promotional materials produced by the Michael Culture Association, which can be downloaded ans used for dissemination:

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Michael Culture Association Flyer

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Brochure Minerva

Michael Culture Indicate Handbook on Virtual exhibitions

Indicate Handbook on Virtual exhibitions and virtual performances

This handbook is targeted to cultural heritage professionals (curators, archaeologists, art historians, archivists, librarians, designers and web designers,  information scientists, communication managers, etc.) working in the valorisation and dissemination of knowledge also through exhibitions and performances made available online.

Michael Culture Indicate Case study report Long term preservation

Case study report - Long Term Preservation

This document is the result of the research done by the INDICATE partners through the Long Term reservation Case Study. The main objective of this use case is to review the current situation of digital reservation processes in Europe, the state of the art of the technology used and the relation between reservation institutions and e-Infrastructure providers.

Michael Culture Indicate case study report Geocoded digital cultural content

Case study report - Geocoded digital cultural content


The research case study Geocoded Digital Cultural Content (GCC) investigates the possibilities and approaches regarding the use of e-infrastructure in geocoded digital culture.

Michael Culture Linked Heritage Your terminology as a part of the semantic web

Handbook - Your terminology as a part of the semantic web - EN

Handbook - Votre terminologie comme élément du web sémantique - FR

This publication, edited by Linked Heritage WP3 and ATHENA WP4 "Terminology and multilingualism", aims in priority at people working in European museums, experts or non-experts in Information Engineering and/or Linguistics, who have an interest on terminology and multilingualism. It proposes recommendations helping you to manage your terminology, to make it compliant and optimized for improving multilinguality on Europeana and to make it as a part of the Semantic Web following. The more you respect them, the more you improve the future retrievability of your digital collections online. 

Michael Culture Best practice report Public private partnership

Best practice report Public-private partnership

This report provides an introduction to the commercial sector best practice in content identification, description, supply chain and rights management metadata across four sectors within the European Union. The focus is on the description of the media industry and sectors within it, the technical specifications of standard identifiers and metadata schemas used within each sector, and the authoritatively recommended working practices in each. These descriptive and explanatory considerations will form the evidential, methodological and theoretical basis for the remaining Linked Heritage Work Package 4 (Public-Private Partnership) deliverables which will make recommendations for setting up partnerships between Europeana and the commercial sector.

Indicate Best practice for applying research pilots and use case studies to digital cultural heritage

Best practice for applying research pilots and use case studies to digital cultural heritage

This publication from Indicate is part of a wider initiative aiming to contribute to the implementation of a federated e-Infrastructure dedicated to the research community on Digital Cultural Heritage. Offering an integrated presentation of the best practices encountered along the project, this Handbook originates from the many efforts made by the whole sector in the last years and by many people who are working in this direction. 



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