March 2021

The final recommendations have been persented during the Final event of NETCHER.

This booklet aims at delivering an overview of NETCHER recommendations for the fight against looting and trafficking of cultural heritage. It comes as a result of a two years duration project, and more broadly, as the reflect of decades of work, done by a living, international and interdisciplinary community of experts.

Link to the recommendations: here


NETCHER - FINAL EVENT: Results & Recommendations Networking Experiences in the Fight against Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property

March 2021 - 1 & 2, Online

NETCHER is a transnational project, started in January 2019 with a duration of 27 months, aiming at reinforcing the fight against cultural heritage looting and trafficking, by bringing together relevant international actors (security and research communities, public and private institutions, art market specialists, policy makers) and intends to build a sustainable social online Platform.

The Final Forum of NETCHER will present overall results and achievements of the project, final recommendations, research and technology roadmaps, good practices and will address the issue of communication and awareness raising.

awareness event

Online Public Conference on Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage

In the framework of the European Heritage Days 2020, the NETCHER project organized an online public conference on the issues of illicit trafficking and theft of cultural objects.

Open to all European citizens, the objective of this conference was to make everyone aware of the dangers that illicit trafficking and looting of cultural property represent for our society and our heritage. With archaeologists, law enforcement agents, researchers and day-to-day fighters, come and join us to discuss and learn how you can act and be engaged at your level in this overall fight against the looting and trafficking of cultural goods.

The whole experience will be enhanced with the participation of Charlie Danger, a famous French YouTuber who will animate the discussion.

Watch the conference here


TITLE: NETCHER - NETwork and Social platform for Cultural Heritage Enhancing and Rebuilding

Duration: 2018-2020

Programme: Horizon 2020


The last decades have witnessed a variety of initiatives, promoted by a diverse set of actors engaged in the protection of endangered cultural heritage and in countering illicit trade, aimed at providing methods and approaches to address looting and trafficking. NETCHER seeks to address the complex challenge of harmonizing and bringing together these worthy, but often disconnected initiatives through a participative approach that will result in the setting-up of a structured network (Collaborative Platform) drawing together a broad range of players such as international and umbrella organizations, national authorities and public policy makers, researchers, NGOs as well as public and private organizations.

As a collaborative platform, NETCHER proposes a participative model for the process of research exploring, formulation and implementation of relevant policies and practicesin Europe to serve these ends.


  • Stimulate support, interaction and participation between all cultural heritage preservation stakeholders
  • Help the consortium to gather all stakeholders related to cultural heritage preservation and to fight against illicit trafficking of cultural goods, and make them join the network.
  • Promote the project and its outputs at European and International level, toward general public, specialized communities and policy makers.
  • Create sustainability beyond the termination of the project.
  • Foster cross-fertilization.
  • Enlarge the benefits of the project towards communities and projects other than those of NETCHER.


  • Worldwide state-of-play 
  • thematic workshops
  • Network construction
  • Communities education
  • Routes for international cooperation
  • Dissemination and awareness

PARTNERS: 7 partners from 5 countries

HiSoMA-CNRS laboratory, coordinator, France
Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia and Fondazione Ca’ Foscari, Italy
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut – DAI, Germany
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police – ENSP et Université de Technologie de Troyes, France
Capital High Tech SARL, France
Michael Culture, Belgium
Interarts, Spain


PREVISION is a project funded under the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 programme.



Michael Culture Association | Brussels-Paris-Roma | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 |

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