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europeana dsi

Digital Service Infrastructure - April 2014 - August 2017

DSI 1 (April 2014 - June 2016) + DSI 2 (June 2016 - August 2017)

DSIs are composed of ‘core service platforms’ which enable trans-European connectivity and interoperability, and related ‘generic services’ which link national and sectorial infrastructures to the platforms.
Under funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Trans-European Telecommunications Networks Work Programme 2014 & 2016 , Europeana will develop into a widely recognised platform of services and resources, not only for metadata references, but also for access to cultural content, tools and technologies, projects and other services.

As a Digital Service Infrastructure, Europeana will continue to connect the online collections of Europe’s cultural heritage institutions. 

The core objectives of the Europeana DSI are to innovate the aggregation infrastructure, boost the distribution infrastructure and work towards long-term financial stability through business model innovation.

To create a complete, cohesive and integrated Digital Service Infrastructure, Europeana relies on its partnerships with domain and national aggregating partners - including Michael Culture -  are involved in the project, leading by Stichting Europeana Europeana Foundation.

Michael Culture is involved as the aggregator for museums. 

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Michael Culture Association
europeana dsi
ministère de la culture et de la communication

ATELIER DSI WORKSHOP : 19.05.2016, Paris

Atelier Europeana DSI “Valorisez vos collections avec Europeana”
Europeana DSI Workshop: «Valorize your collections with Europeana»

A propos / About
Un atelier dédié aux musées et institutions culturelles françaises,

organisé par l’association européenne Michael Culture, en partenariat avec le ministère de la Culture et de la communication – SG/Département des Programmes Numériques (DPN), Direction Générale des Patrimoines
dans le cadre du projet européen Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI).

Objectif : présenter et réfléchir aux nouveaux développements de la plateforme Europeana ainsi que MUSEU-Hub, centre de ressource et agrégateur pour les musées européens, géré par l’association Michael Culture.

A Workshop dedicated to French museums and cultural institutions,
organized by European association Michael Culture, in partnership with the French Ministry of Culture and communication – SG/Département des Programmes Numériques (DPN), Direction Générale des Patrimoines
under the framework of Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) project.

Objective: to present and reflect on the new developments of Europeana platform as well as MUSEU – Hub the resource center & aggregator for European museums managed by association Michael Culture.

Présentations & Synthèses / Presentations & Synthesis


Présentations : Michael Culture ; Ministère de la Culture ; Europeana ; Museu Hub ; Museo Thyssen ; Europeana 280 ; NEMO
Synthèse de la table ronde : bientôt en ligne / coming soon
Atelier 1 : synthèse / synthesis
Atelier 2 : synthèse / synthesis



Michael Culture Association
logo NEMO
europeana dsi

DSI WORKSHOP : 15-16.02.2016, Berlin
Europeana DSI Workshop: «Tools to make your collection widely visible»
Co-organized by Michael Culture, NEMO and SPK, within the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) project.

A 2 days European event dedicated to museums organisations and museums members of NEMO and Michael Culture open to German museums.
The objective was to invite museums to learn about digital tools to manage their online collection

15.02.2016 Open workshop “Tools to make your collection widely visible”
16.02.2016 Practical workshop

Presentations 15.02.2016: Hagedorn-Saupe, Klimpel, Natale, Pagel, Piccininno, Wassermann
Presentations 16.02.2016: Piccininno_Workflow, ROHDE-ENSLIN_museu, SIMOU_MInt, Regine Stein

Michael Culture Association
europeana dsi

DSI WORKSHOP : 09.10.2015, Bologna

"Cultural institutions towards Europeana: opportunities, licenses and IPR issues" 

Organized by Michael Culture In cooperation with Istituto per i beni artistici e culturali della Regione Emilia-Romagna and the AthenaPlus Project  Within Europeana DSI Project.

This workshop aimed at invite museums to join Europeana through the MUSEU aggregator, managed by the European Association MICHAEL Culture.

NEMO presented on this occasion his report "Survey on Museums and Copyright" published in August, 2015

Presentations : R.Caffo , A.Zucchini , de Robbio , M.Piccininno , C.Salmini
Nemo : "Survey on Museums and Copyright"




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