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Michael Culture Association is not-for-profit organisation, founded in July 2007. The association is established under Belgian law (AISBL - Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif).
It was created following the Michael and Michael Plus European projects, which permitted to create the Michael European Portal, the Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe. Its purpose was to continue the work on the portal beyond the period of the EU funding and to make the network of Michael partners sustainable. 

A strong network for the promotion and valorisation of the digital cultural content
Michael Culture Association has become a key actor in the promotion and valorisation of the digital cultural content, and gathers a strong network of more than 100 institutions all over Europe. Cooperation of professionals from cultural sector and artists is at the core of Michael Culture Association activities. The association favours meetings and trans-sectorial exchanges between professionals from all cultural fields – cultural heritage, contemporary creation, architecture – and from related sectors like education, tourism, societal innovation, NTIC, and contributes to peer-learning and professionalization.

Allowing access to the European cultural content by institutions and end users
Michael Culture Association favours transnational circulation of cultural works and technological development. It enables reuse and personal reappropriation of cultural content by the end users, promoting innovative digital cultural uses. Digital access is a complement, and even more an inventive to the live experience: national borders are removed. The association favours the knowledge of the richness of European heritage for general public.This stimulates intercultural dialogue between citizens and contributes to the rising of a European citizenship.

Linked to major European digital culture heritage networks and projects
Michael Culture Association contributes to the reflection on the challenges of the European societies and on the role and potential of culture and digital content in Europe in particular in societal and professional issues in favor of a sustainable and inclusive Europe. Opened to all cultural fields, Michael Culture Association is interconnected with other networks in cultural heritage, artistic creation, innovation and cultural policies , favoring open dialogue and impacts beyond its own network, multiplier effects and transnational projects development.
Michael Culture Association promotes cultural diversity in line with the UNESCO convention and the reduction of the fragmentation.

Michael Culture is proud board member of Culture Action Europe , member of the Heritage Alliance 3.0, member of the EAC-Heritage Expert Group and of Europeana Pro and Europeana Aggregators Forum.

Support to European and national cultural policies
Michael Culture association is planned around animating a platform of reflection, debate and knowledge exchanges to promote national and European policies and activities on Digital Culture Heritage. It induces an enriched intercultural dialogue between professionals from all over Europe, contributing to structure and nurture the debate on the creation of a common cultural European space.

Michael Culture leads the following actions:

    - Promotion and valorisation of European cultural heritage by its digitization and dissemination to a European             and  worldwide audience.

     - Animation of the network of exchange and cooperation
     Management of the network, development of new projects, creation of synergies with other networks
     Enhancing the network of European professionals working on digital cultural heritage, through the actions towards its             network including the MINERVA Network.

    - Support and development
    of the transmission and exchange of information, particularly via publications, conferences  and   events, research       
    and training on related subjects.

     - A think-tank for digital cultural heritage field
     Strategic watch and prospective, organisation of workshops and working groups meetings
     Policy/Advocacy for the role of Heritage and DCH and its value in the European debate

     - Capitalisation and dissemination of the European projects of the Minerva network
     Resource centre, promotion of best practices, communication, publications, guidelines…

     - A services platform
     Innovative services for the general public, new services for the research 

    - Management of Museum-Hub
    Aggregator for European museums within Europeana Initiative

Michael Culture is a major actor of the European Digital Cultural heritage, with a strong experience in all its components and issues and a strong relation with the relevant communities.
Michael Culture is involved in several European projects from H2020, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Europeana DSI and CEF.


Michael Culture is a proud member of : 


Culture Action Europe (CAE)
Michael Culture is a board member of CAE.
As the major cultural network in Europe, CAE is the political voice of over 80 thousand cultural players, practitioners and activists across the continent, promoting culture as a necessary condition for sustainable development both at local and European scale.


European Heritage Alliance 3.3

European Heritage Alliance 3.3
Informal European sectoral platform composed of more than 40 European or international networks and organisations active in the wider field of cultural heritage. The Alliance was launched in June 2011 and is coordinated by Europa Nostra as part of its network project Sharing Heritage – Sharing Values funded by Creative Europe.



Commission expert group on cultural heritage (Cultural Heritage Forum) (E03650)

Michael Culture is member of the EC- Expert group on cultural heritage.
With a view to maintaining the spirit of cooperation and policy dialogue achieved during the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the group will provide the Commission with advice and expertise, as well as to serve as a platform for consultation and exchange of information on cultural heritage policies to support the implementation of the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage. 


Michael Culture is a proud partner of:

logo NEMO

NEMO - Partnership agreement
NEMO is an independent network of national museum organisations representing the museum community of the member states of the Council of Europe. Together, NEMO's members speak for over 30.000 museums across Europe.



European Year of Cultural Heritage - 2018

Michael Culture is member of the stakeholders committee of the EYCH.                                                  Read more...



Michael Culture Association | Brussels-Paris-Roma | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 |

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