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Michael Culture Association (MCA) is a not-for-profit organisation (Aisbl) created in 2007.MCA is the only European trans domain network for Cultural Heritage (http://www.michael-culture.eu).

It was created following the Michael and Michael Plus European projects, which permitted to create the Michael European Portal, the Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe.

Michael Culture Association has become a key actor in the promotion and valorization of the digital cultural content, and gathers a strong network of more than 100 institutions all over Europe.

Devoted to European cultural heritage valorisation, MCA gathers members from cultural institutions private and public - museums , libraries, Achieves, Research centres - ministries of culture from Europe, of which many represent cultural operators at national level.

It aims at:
• Promoting and valorising European cultural heritage by its digitization and dissemination to a European and worldwide audience,
• Enhancing the network of European professionals working on digital cultural heritage, through the actions towards its network including the MINERVA Network.

Its activities are:
• Support and development of the transmission and exchange of information, particularly via projects, publications, conferences and events;
• Research and training on related subjects;
• Networking and participation in European and international projects.
• Policy/Advocacy
• Developing the use of DCH in Culture and Heritage, Education, Tourism areas.
• Management of Museum-Hub supporting European Museums in publishing their datas on Europeana

MCA is a proud member of Culture Action Europe executive committee and of Alliance 3.0; it also has strong relations and partnerships with major European Cultural institutions and networks from all domains such as NEMO, Dariah, ICOM Europe, Europeana Pro. 

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Michael Culture Association | Brussels-Paris-Roma | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 | contact@michael-culture.eu

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