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MICHAEL Multilingual Inventory

Michael Culture aims at developing tools and services for general public and professionals.


One of the important tool that was developed, and that is being updated and improved, is the Michael European portal: www.michael-culture.org

Through the multilingual MICHAEL service, people are able to find and explore European digital cultural heritage material using the Internet. The MICHAEL service provides access to digital collections from museums, libraries and archives.


  • A European cultural heritage inventory, available to all and providing access to cultural heritage resources.
  • Endorsement and implementation at a national government level, in order to underpin further funding as required.
  • A methodology and technical platform, which makes it easy to add new national instances of MICHAEL, thus growing the content and user bases.

The website includes:

  • A searchable database of digital resources from museums, libraries and archives in several European countries.
  • Articles and user stories, which look at various aspects of the European cultural heritage and the contents of MICHAEL.
  • Information about the MICHAEL project, the technology that it uses and links to useful materials.

MICHAEL database

The MICHAEL database is based on national inventories of digital resources that have been created by the project partners. Each national inventory includes descriptions of digital collections and the websites, CD-ROMS and other products and services that have been created by museums, libraries and archives. The descriptions are written especially for MICHAEL by people working in, or on behalf of, the cultural institutions themselves. Details are harvested directly from the national inventories to become part of the MICHAEL database for the European services.

LINK TO THE INVENTORY: http://www.michael-culture.org/





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