Title: PITCHER - Preventing Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage: Educational Resources

DURATION: 2021–2024

PROGRAMME: Erasmus +


The general objective of the project consists of the design and  test of a set of open educational resources, to be made available also  online, focusing on improving the educators’ capacity in preparing new  learning experiences to support the fight against looting and illicit  trafficking of cultural goods, thanks to the rich repositories of digital cultural heritage accessible through the web. The project intends to propose a new model for addressing young people about the problem of fighting the looting and illicit trafficking of cultural goods, focusing on school teachers, in order to raise their awareness and enhance their professional development in this field.


  • Enhancing schools with new models for increasing the knowledge of students, as well as use educational scheme for acquiring the critical thinking necessary to play an effective role in tackling this problem, as a young citizen and as an adult; 
  • Creating prototypes of innovative tools based on STEAM Education (i.e. a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) as an access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking;
  • Using the educational potential present in the European cultural institutions (archeological sites, museums, libraries, etc.) to support teachers in the development of lessons and workshops aiming at demonstrating the intercultural dimension of the problem.

It is a matter of fact that "creativity", for born digital youngsters, is strictly associated to the use of IT devices, that are their main tool for communicating and exchanging feelings, emotions and passions. This is why the presence of the "makers", the digital artists, can support this action, since they well know the potential of the use of technology and can support the development of educational resources to stimulate creativity.This approach well justify the organization of training events where the partners are working together with creative artists and cultural institutions for jointly designing new educational tools based also on gamification and escape games, enhanced reality, and real-time interaction with the students. In this way, the project will enable all the students to express their culture and ideas, while providing opportunities for the acquisition of necessary skills and know-how to participate in wider cultural developments.


Bibracte (France) - Coordinator

Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police (France)

Michael Culture Association (Belgium)

Muséomix Association (France)

Lycée Franco-Hellénique Eugène Delacroix (Greece)

Instituto De Educacaion Secundaria Albalat (Spain)

INS La Bisbal (Spain)

Comprensivo Ennio Quirino Viscinti. (Italy)

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Michael Culture Association | Brussels-Paris-Roma | Tél : +33 (0) 6 31 13 35 74 | contact@michael-culture.eu

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