TITLE: PREVISION (PREdiction and Visual Intelligence for Security InformatiON) 

DURATION: Sept. 2019/Aug. 2021

Program: Horizon 2020 

The PREVISION project aims to empower analysts and investigators of LEAs with tools and solutions concerning cybercriminality.

PREVISION partners will take advantage of their capabilities, expertise and previously delivered research, together with already defined and emerging standards and best practices in Europe, so as to focus their resources and attention to the new elements and novel aspects of the project. The overall strategy in the execution of the PREVISION project is based on an iterative development methodology, which involves frequent software releases being made available to the LEA and practitioners end-users for testing and evaluation, resulting in keeping them continuously in the production loop. The PREVISION Platform will be deployed in 10 different demonstrations, managed by the different LEAs and practitioners of the consortium.

MCA is mainly involved with CNRS and ENSP in the Topic Illicit markets investigation on a use case against looting and trafficking of cultural goods.


PREVISION is a project funded under the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 programme.




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